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political organizations' applications for tax exempt status? that is not scandalous because that's the irs' job, they must do it. they cannot just grant tax exempt status to anyone that asks for it. the irs has a specific guideline for granting that tax exempt status. section 501 c 4, internal revenue code, defines social organizations for tax exempt purposes defines them this way. civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. then the irs code does a magic trick and changes the meaning of the word exclusively. to be operated exclusively to promote social welfare, an organization must operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community. do you see that? the irs changes the meaning of the word exclusively to the word primarily, exclusively means exclusive. that's all you can do. you can't do anything else. the law's intent is tax exempt status be granted to civic leagues or organizations, not organized for profit, but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. i
and skepticism about the tax-exempt status. this is what russell george said. the irs used inappropriate criteria that identified for review tea party and other organizations applying for tax exempt at the status based upon their names or policy politicians instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention. this says that they were targeting groups op purpose and not comparing other liberal groups to the same scrutiny. we have not been given anned a vns copy of the texts, but we can expect that the members of congress are going to be extremely tough in the criticism of him and the questioning of him. one of the key questions in all of this is who exactly approved this tea party scrutiny? it is not clear from the inspector general's report, and another question that the lawmakers will be going after is when did the treasury department become aware of this problem, and when in fact did people at the white house become aware of the problem, and those are two questions that will be answered today. >> thank you, eamon. jim, any impact on the broader a markets on psychology, on the ab
. because they were being inundated for tax exempt status. he thinks it was political. but we'll have to hear what he has to say. what miller has to say. if he has the answers about exactly why they did it, and why if it wasn't political, it was just these conservative groups and not the more progressive groups. that's what it appears to be right now. >> may be no federal agency that invites the scorn of every american quite like the irs. even the president's fellow democrats aren't likely to tamp down the outrage of scandal. let's check in with gloria. clearly the obama administration is scrambling to contain this thing. with today's hearing the first of several, what kind of staying power does this have? >> this irs scandal is something that every american can understand. right, carol? this is something -- >> gloria, i want to interrupt you right now. the hearing is under way. i apologize. stay with us. let's listen. >> four days later, the treasury inspector general for taxpayer administration confirmed that, and i quote, the urs used inappropriate criteria to identify organization
if the part of government in collecting taxes is discriminating for beliefs. who allowed this to happen. the treasury inspector told top officials about the investigation in june 2012. it is right in the height of the presidential campaign. the irs admitted using tea party and patriot to look at groups for extra skrutine. some of those groups are gearing up to sue. deep concern growing with the law makers, both sides of the political aisle talking about this woman, who was in charge of the division in the heart of the scandal will leave office and implement the obama care. her office will have a say over fines and insurance coverage for millions of americans. molly heningburg starts. did ingram know about the targeting of conservative. >> democrats say there is no evidence she did and the outgoing commissioner stephen miller praised her work in the tax agency. >> why would you promote somebody to that position that was in charge of the exempt organization division that had controversy over the last couple of years? under an investigation? >> she is a superb sufficiently servant? >> she
about. including 501(c)4s, our tax code, embassy security, what it means to be a diplomat. intelligence-gathering. but we're actually kind of not really talking about any of that during the scandal week and i read "the new york times" editorial board's assessment of the situation. scandal machine, whatever cranky point republicans had been making against president obama for the last five years, dishonesty, socialism, jack-booted tyranny. they somehow found these incidents were actually the proof they had been seeking, no matter how inflated or distorted. your thoughts? >> so remember, what we are always heading up to is whatever the next election cycle is. so in a presidential election cycle, we need big ideas, an alternate plan, all of that. all you need to do in a mid-term election cycle if you're republicans to hold on and extend the lead in the house is to shrink and polarize the electorate. the only thing you have to do with that is just to make people disgusted by government. it doesn't matter the content of that disgust. it doesn't particularly matter if it's directed towards the
expanded their search to include groups concerned about government spending, debt, taxes, the constitution, the bill of rights, or trying to it, and i quote,, make america a better place to live, end quote. let me repeat that people were targeted for trying to make better a better place to live. despite a two year long investigation by this committee, the irs never told the american people or their representatives about this simple truth. in fact, we were repeatedly told no such targeting was happening. that is being mis -- that isn't being mislead, that's lying. please raise your right hand. do you solemnly sware or affirm that the testimony you are about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. >> i do. >> i have reviewed the inspector general's report and i believe the conclusions are consistent with that i think that what happened here were that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in work load selection. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, did i not mislead
for how this whole thing should go. >> let's abolish the irs and institute something like a fair tax which will make things much sempimpler and remove this prob and let's repeal obama care. thank you. >> thank you. it's very simple. see? let's get right to our panel. here in new york with me is msnbc contributor joy reid. managing editor of the joy, she's got to figured out. abolish the irs, repeal obama care. everybody gets a tricornered hat. that's where we're going. >> we solved america's problem. at a certain point, you start to look ridiculous. with the right, that's an omnipresent risk. in this case, it's as if alex jones is now the head of the republican party because every conspiracy theory about barack obama as this evil, evil thug are all coming together and they've created this narrative but it's all out of their talk radio base. it's all out of their right wing online base. and they've now converged on congress and they pulled them into the conspiracy theorizing, too. it's brilliant. >> i do love their respect for due process. >> oh, yes. >> because they're commandin
staffer in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time the tea party group was targeted is now part of the irs office that handles health care legislation. >>> speaking of that, obama care was under fire again yesterday. the 38th time a vote was taken to try to change the law. 229-195, just two democrats voting with republicans. since being signed into law, the affordable care act remains a divisive issue among americans. just 35% of americans have a favorable opinion of the law. of those who oppose it, 53% believe lawmakers should continue to try to repeal or change it. >>> and while congress has failed to come to terms on legislation in terms of guns and the deficit, immigration reform may not suffer the same fate. the so-called gang of eight's proposal has made it through a third round of senate committee hearings mostly in tact. the committee is considering more than 300 amendments to the bill. meanwhile, in the house, lawmakers reached an agreement in principle on a proposal. the plan is to be more conservative than the senates but will still contain a pathway to citizenship. >
groups, of religious organizations. this is much broader than just tax exempt organizations. we are not hearing that on the other side, not at all. >> greta: i don't know the rules of the hearing. if i were mr. miller and i were were on the hot seat accused of targeting one particular side of the poe let cal spectrum. if i had information that i had done the same thing with the other side i would have said how about this, do you want this information. and would you expect that from the wet necessary today or is that something that you wouldn't expect? >> i think you would expect that. i got to tell you, i didn't get this sense that he was outraged at the end of all of this. that, you know, this was just sort of not that big a deal to him. and i don't think he really fully even yet understood just how much a problem this was in terms of breaking faith with the the american people and really almost going to the level of abuse of certain individuals in terms of the questions asked and the length they had to go to simply to exercise their rights under the law. >> greta: what do you
the tax system. this screams out for tax reform, does it not? >> i think it is an area right for redefinition and reform. yes, sir. >> regardless of whether democrats or republicans did something like this, the outrage should still be there, is that not correct? >> the outrage as to -- >> the abuse. >> yes. >> this section of the law has been abused by government employees. not by all of them but some of them. our job is to find out who they are. and all i want to get from you, mr. miller and you it's your integrity on the line. it is the president's, the administrations, irs employees that work hard and it is the congress that is involved in this. people are losing confidence in our government and i hope that you feel the same sense to find out what caused this, how it could happen and help us to restore the confidence that americans should have in their government. i yield the balance of my time. >> mr. ryan is recognized for five minutes. >> we is have established and you have acknowledged that you were briefed on may 3 that there was improper criteria used for tax exempt
different groups applying for tax exempt status. that they singled out group conservative groups, flagging those groups for special skutny on their applications. since then, there's been some indication that the irs official who first apologized on friday also had tried to fix this problem last year. also, the white house has denied any knowledge of what was going in the irs at the irs on this issue. the acting commissioner of the irs appears to have been briefed on the problem before fielding questions, but when members of congress asked him about it, he did not mention he knew there was a problem even though the irs said there was a problem and now tonight, you finally get the inspector general's report that purports to explain what happened. one of the questions, whose idea this was any way. officials stated the criteria were not influenced by any organization outside the irs. within the last hour, president obama has released a statement calling the report's findings quote, intolerable and inexcusab inexcusable. he said he directed his treasury secretary to hold these responsible for t
their applications for tax exempt status delayed, being forced to provide unusual information. the ig report also pointed out, this is big news. this kind of inappropriate screening by the irs officials was initiated within the irs and not because of any outside influence from the administration. but the key elements are there. the focus on groups called tea party and patriot. education of the public to make america a better place to live. that's in quote. issues such as taxes, government spending, and even criticism of how the government is being run. so now we have it. the president has it. the waiting game is over. it's time for action. and we're all looking right now at the white house to see what that action will be. chuck todd is chief white house correspondent and political director for nbc news. sam stein covers the white house for the huffington post. let's focus on the hard news right now. but i also want to focus on the reaction we expect from the president. to me, this is the big news here. all of these officials, i'm reading from the ig report, stated that the criteria were not influ
it spends bass you have borrowing and taxes and a whole host of things that follow but that spending is what begins the problem that so many conservatives struggle with. frankly, so many taxpayers struggle with. i think that, you know, as i begin to get up in washington and begin to dig into the numbers as i did back when i was governor and looking at the budget numbers in south carolina that led to the pigs in that case it was more than $100 million unconstitutional deficit. months of deliberation on it and when the deliberation didn't work we finally resorted to something else to capture people's attention and it worked because we ultimately closed off that. what i'm going to do is in essence look under the hood at a whole host of things. i think you got to deal with the big rocks in washington, d.c. certainly entitlements. medicare and medicaid and social security but there is a lot of inefficiency out there in all areas of government that people are with warrant concerned about and i will be focusing there as well. i would also se say this. another part of shrinking the deficit is not ju
taxes, which makes sense. and here's where the scandal part starts, exactly. what exactly counts as social welfare. how does the irs decide if your group applying for the special nontax paying status qualifies? well, here's the irs's own documentation on this classification. the irs lists as examples of social welfare organizations a group aimed at helping unemployed people over a certain age find work. a group working to build a stadium for a school district, a group dedicated to counseling for people in financial trouble, a group that subsidizes kids' tickets to sporting events to get them interested. a neighborhood beautification group and on and on. you basically get the idea, i think. now, those all sounds like the sorts of groups that should be counted as tax exempt and most people are probably more or less fine with that group not paying taxes. now, there has been a very bright line for a very long time between organizations like those and organizations that were engaged directly in political campaigning. one side of that line was regulated by the irs, the other side by th
. >> auditing my tax returns. >> you as an individual? >> me as an individual first and then one of my companies, second. >> neil: now you heard about the questions they were asking these various conservative groups. were they that involved in detail with you? >> no. >> neil: what kind of stuff were -- >> they were just after my taxes. >> neil: you were fully exonerated. didn't have to pay any extra. >> no change, no penalties no fines. >> neil: but you spent $10,000 tos' defend yourself. >> almost 80,000 decide. $25,000 per audit. now come on to this picking on conservative groups, raising questions about the tax exemption status, how many organizations they were reaching out to, how many individuals they were reaching out to. do you find this coincidental? part of a pattern? what? >> well, gosh, i don't know. i mean, what -- well, i hope it's just coincidence. because the kind of country i'd like america to be, i don't want us to become one of these third world countries where you have to worry about your back all the time if you disagree with who is in charge. i think that's particularly dang
's controversial practices of singling out conservative groups. for extra scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status. admiral defended himself to members of the house, ways and means who want to know what he knew and when and if he misled congress at hearings last year. >> this was the time frame in 2010 when citizens united was out. there was a lot of discussion in the system about the use of c-4s. people in cincinnati decided, let's start grouping these cases. let centralize these cases. the way they centralize. ized it, troublesome. the concept, not. we're not targeting these people in that sense. >> you sent letters to congress acknowledging our investigation hese allegations. but consistently omitted that such discriminatory practices that are alleged were actually in fact taking place. why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress florida tnor t american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> joining miller was the man who led the report that brought the practice to light. treasury inspector generous he
was in their name or if patriot was in their name. also included those worried about government spend, debt, taxes. basically, any conservative fiscal approach, the irs decided -- this is -- this is mind boggling. i want you to continue, mika, but what is mind boggling also is the headline on the front page of "the new york times" which didn't even put this on the front page of its national edition this weekend. their headline? irs focus on conservatives gives gop a path -- an issue to seize on. this -- this, while, mika, the aclu is coming out talking about how chilling this is, how frightening this is that this government is using the internal revenue service to target people with whom they disagree. >> it does not look good at all and it looks i'd say embarrassing is a way to start but we will find out much more. joining from washington is senior investigative correspondent lisa myers is joining us now. great to have you back on the show. what you hearing there? >> well, people i talked to over the weekend in both parties were absolutely dumb founded that something like this could happen in the
people need to have that the irs is neutral and fair in the way that it applies our tax laws. so, you know, he is outraged by this. you've heard him say that. and i can tell you i know it's true. and, you know, he, as he said today, when his job as chief executive, as the president of the united states, is to take action when problems are discovered. to fix those problems. and that's what he's going to do. >> yes, but outrage is good. the words are good. getting rid of that guy, miller, is good, because it was appropriate for him to retire, resign. is he going to be satisfied, this president, with one head? or doesn't he -- you know the public relations here. if the american people are filling out their taxes next year, know the irs is still packed with the same people, it's a problem. isn't it? or is it? >> well, chris, i mean, if you're suggesting that i should randomly fire people now -- >> no, will he be happy if he doesn't fire people? >> we need to get all of the facts, and he has made clear that people who are responsible for failures will be held accountable. he will demand it
. that is a real problem. >> you are referring to lerner who is the director of the irs tax exempt division who we don't have confirmation of whether or not she will be testifying. everybody would like to get answers from her. as we get back to danny werfel he has this nonpartisan background in the bush and obama administrations. some republicans say he is not the right choice. some are calling him a white house insider. how can any commissioner in the way that d.c. is right now, this hyperpartisan environment truly function without being pinged and dinged from the left and the right? >> i can tell you from experience you have to have a fairly thick skin if you are going to take on that job. you have to be able to say no to a baucus or a ryan or a camp or somebody who is asking you a question. say this is not the way it is going to work. in the enforcement arena the agency for good reasons does have to take independent actions. danny is going to have to find his way. it will be a baptizem of fire. >> it was great to have you on. your insights helpful to us. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >
eight tax. all tax revenue bills must started in the house of representatives. revenue portion started in the senate. so we are suing on the origination clause which is article 7, section 1. we are suing on the fifth amendment under the takes clause. government cannot mandate me or any individual to do business with another private individual. it can take our money and redistribute our wealth but cannot force us to do business with anybody. so those are the legal grounds on which we're suing. on a taxing, we're the most conservative state in the entire union. we do not like obamacare down here. it's unpopular in texas. texans have always stood up against tyrannical forms of government encroachment. this is federal encroachment in what should be a personal responsibility. >> clayton: so let's get specific how the encroachment would hurt your bottom line. you have 70 employees there and you rely on health savings account. what would obamacare do to these 75 employees? >> the health savings account is part of our program to provide healthcare for our staff members so we have a high deduct
out tea party and conservative fwruative groups ar tax exemption. we don't know what the discipline entails. detailing findings of bad practices and bad management. some news here. the president called these issues intolerable and inexcusable. perhaps the most damning headline came from "usa today." i saw it. it popped out at me. look at it. there it is. irs gave a pass to liberals. that's the heart of why this story probably has legs and not yus on the right. quote, in the 27 months that the internal revenue service put a hold on all tea party applications for nonprofit status -- this is from the "usa today" headline story -- it approved applications from similar liberal group. a "usa today" review of irs data shows groups with liberal names were approved in as little as nine months. groups like progress or progressive. they engaged in the same tax status and engaged in the same types of activities as the conservative groups. dan rather and david corn is an msnbc political analyst and washington bureau chief for mother jones. dan rather, an honor to have you on. this story, how wou
in their government. is there any limit to the scope of where you folks can go? >> this is wrong to abuse the tax system. this screams out for tax reform, does it not? >> i think it's an area right for redefinition and reform, yes, sir. >> do you want to know where a lot of this comes from? look at senator levin's letter. senator levin specifically mental add bunch of the groups that you all targeted. you were all doing what democrat senators were asking. >> i just think the american people have seen what's going on right now in their government. this is absolutely an overreach and outrage for america. >> i yield back. [ applause ] >> all right. >> senator mike kelly there at the end. that was one of the loudest fits of applause. mike kelly said you can put anybody out of business if you want to. you are the irs. how scary is that. when the irs comes in there you are not allowed to be showedy. this is an overreach. >> they prevented people from going into business. this is in the middle of a presidential campaign. they hamstrung some of the president's most vocal opponents prevented them from ent
it harder for them to get tax exempt status. this is all in a new treasury department report expected to come out this week. and cnn's athena jones has been covering this story. she joins us live from washington. athena, officials are now looking what we understand will come out in this report to see if the irs broke the rules by playing politics here, if they did something wrong. >> good morning. that's right, brianna. and of course this is a big deal. anyone who pays taxes can relate to this concern that some folks at the irs were unfairly targeting people simply because of their political leanings. i spoke to an official at the treasury inspector general for tax administration. that's the agency that's conducting this review. he told me they're doing this audit at the request of congress to look at the agency, look at its programs and operations and make recommendations. this is something that the white house supports. spokesman jay carney told reporters on friday as much in the briefing. and he put out another statement just yesterday saying in part if the inspector general finds
. what they like to do is talk about big tax cuts. we have somebody running for attorney general here in virginia, ken cuccinelli. he just rolled out this huge tax cut. but localities are saying, wait a minute, if you're going to do this huge tax cut, it's going to cause us to raise our property taxes to keep the level of services. i'm lucky i'm from alexandria, virginia, we have an excellent police department, but it is what nita talked about. it is a matter of resources and priorities. and if you do not have those resources and priorities set to protect our children in this nation and in our states, unfortunately, we're going to see tragedies like this. and it can be helped, it can be stopped, but we've got to make sure that our party is set in the right direction, so while it may be a good bumper sticker to say, let's cut taxes, that has real life effects. and it fantastaffects families. >> charniele, do you think there's a bias in response, neighborhood by neighborhood, depending on resource? >> i think -- it appears that way and i do think it's totally economic. i did read a repo
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and making it harder for them to get tax exempt status. that's all in a new treasury department report that we are expecting to come out this week. cnn athena jones joining us live from washington. athena, officials are looking to see if the irs actually broke the rules by playing politics. >> good morning, brianna. this is something that has a lot of people upset. the american civil liberty union says playing with the tax code is as constitutionally troubling as it gets. that's what the irs is accused of doing. i spoke with an official for tax administration. that's the agency that's handling this rekview. they're doing this audit at the request of congress to look into the agency's operations and programs and make recommendations. this is something the white house says they support. spokesman jay carney told reporters this on friday and he released another statement yesterday saying if the inspector general find that there were any rules broken or that the conduct of government officials did not meet the standards required of them, the president expects that swift and appropriate ste
alike are press him on. ♪ you keep paying taxes >> reporter: a tea party rally on april 15th, tax day, 2010. >> the government doesn't have any money. that's our money and i'm taxed enough already! >> reporter: each as they protested high taxes and big government, the tax collecting irs was secretly targeting them. in march of 2010, irs agents in cincinnati, ohio, handling tax exemption began singling out groups. groups in primary political activity are not permitted tax-exempt status. by august of 2010, irs agents made tea party targeting more formal and issuing a be on the look out for local organizations in the tea party movement. as a result, tea party activists felt harded. justin thomas said lengthy questionnaires got personal. even machinientioning his name. >> this past friday, more than three years later, lois learner admitted her employees were targeting tea party groups. cnn obtained this audio i. they used names like tea party or patriots and selected cases because the application had those names in the title. that was wrong. that was absolutely incorrect. it was insensiti
conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. tonight, that report is out. it blames, quote, ineffective management for the internal revenue u service's political targets of conservative groups. it also states the irs started using inappropriate criteria to identify organizations applying for tax exception status to review indications of significant political campaign intervention. the report is also a fascinating document that lays out how the irs in the wake of the citizens united decision, has been put in the position of trying to decide who is and who is not a primarily political actor. and how the agency is left flailing to decide in a given organization qualifies for tax-exempt status. joining me tonight, political reporter for the "new york times" who has done some of the besteporting on m has a fantastic piece in "the times" today about the context of this. but first, all right, you and i both read this report. a long series of tweets, and it is, i mean, saying like, oh, my god, this treasury, irs inspector general report is interesting sounds ridiculous. but it is really fascin
an inspector general's report that found the irs inappropriately targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt stat justice. roughly one-third of the organization's targeted by the irs had the words tea party, patriot or 912 in their names. but as it turns out, liberal groups also received extra scrutiny. austin-based progress texas tells cnn it received an irs questionnaire similar to those sent to tea party groups. that's not likely to satisfy some republicans. florida gop senator marco rubio accused president obama of creating a culture of intimidation that led to the irs abuse. >> these are the tactics of a third world. >> some republicans argue democrats have been raising questions about the tax exempt status of the tea party groups for years. just last year a group of democratic senators wrote the irs commissioner asking whether the agency is investigating or intends to investigate tax exempt political groups? max baucus says the concern was always bipartisan. >> some of my friends across the aisle are claiming the irs was just doing what democrats wanted, examining the conservati
gathered, not tax checks. >> it's important he appear and come forward truthfully, openly and give us real answers to the extent he knows. >> reporter: president obama tried to put out the fire, expressing outrage, vowing to hold people at the irs accountable and quickly appointing a new acting commissioner who starts next week. >> we've got to make sure that it is doing its job scrupulously without bias. >> reporter: his top aids are doing damage control. >> quick action. >> the fact is this administration has a record on transparency. >> reporter: while the president is trying to shift attention to his other priorities. a trip to baltimore today will focus on middle class jobs. it follows thursday's meeting on sexual abuse in the military and a visit with the turkish prime minister where syria was at the top of the agenda. a dark cloud hangs over this white house. critics at a tea party rally are keeping up pressure. >> this is runaway government at its worst. who knows who they will target next? >> reporter: the irs scandal has given conservatives fighting the health care law more ammun
said a long time ago cincinnati was in control of looking into the tax-exempt organizations. they did it. we'll get to the bottom of it. we'll talk to the slowest learner. when the hearings start on friday, we'll have someone let go. many organizations reporting this goes all the way to washington. it is much bigger than that. you have to wonder whose agenda it is for. the president outraged yesterday. no doubt about it. the i.r.s. can't be doing this. i'm offended by it. it is amazing, there is no example of an organization looking for that tax-exempt status that flies against or for his party like media matters, where they're being investigated. everyone on the same page go after the groups with freedom in the title, with tea party in the title, with patriot in the title. that's just the start. >>steve: when we first heard about this story on friday, and we heard it's low-level employees just in the cincinnati office. not true. there are apparently people in the d.c. office. also there are two california locations as well. laguna nigel. it is not low-level people because the acting
of these conservative groups have had to wait three years to get the special exemption, the tax-exempt status. however, if you are the half brother to the president of the united states, you could have gotten a special deal -- here is his picture right there. malik obama. his -- it's been described by a caller as a shady operation which operated illegally for years. he wound up getting clearance from the i.r.s. in one month. not three years. one month. half brother of the president. >>gretchen: last night president obama released a statement because they said he finally had time to read up on everything about this story. he said i have now had the opportunity to review the treasury department watchdog's rortd, et cetera, et cetera and all the report's findings are intolerable and inexcusable. >>brian: he got that too from senator harry reid. >>steve: he's going to have jack lew fix it. >>gretchen: brad pitt speaking out after his fiancee revealed she had a preventive double mastectomy for the sake of their children. >> good. brad pitt breaking his silence about his longtime partner's decision to have
has been the head of the tax exempt office, while some of this targeting of conservative groups was going on. now that she'll lead the irs and monitoring everybody's health insurance and the new taxes and the new fines associated with obamacare, some on the gop are predicting more problems. >> she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she's going to do the same implementing obamacare. swell. this is the perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> democrats say ingram's successor didn't find out about the targeting until six months after ingram was reassigned to the obamacare division and say it's unfair to suggest she had anything to do with the targeting. >> you're satisfied with miss ingram being in charge of the irs responsibilities now? >> i have heard that -- i don't know her personally, but i've heard that she has a high degree of professionalism and that she was not in a position of responsibility over these actions. >> democratic congressman sandra levin says there is no evidence that ingram had, quote, any inkling of the problems in the tax exem
>>> this is "world news." tonight, irs under fire. did the tax man target people because of their politics? we track down the facts and people who say they were singled out, as the president weighs in. >> i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it. >>> ice invasion. crawling up the walls of a house, breaking through the garage. what is going on? >>> "real money." we help one family save thousands of dollars on medical bills. how you can too. >> that's almost half the price. >> yeah. >>> and the view ahead, our barbara walters with a big announcement. and she takes us into her private office to show us why she made that decision. >>> good evening to you and welcome on this monday night. we begin tonight with a question of fairness in america, and a bedrock belief. you don't have to like the irs, but you do expect them to be completely impartial about politics. here's the stated mission of the agency. "enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all." but tonight the irs is under fire. did they target the tea party and other conservative groups? abc's chief whi
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drugs and then return much of the capital to its shareholders. >> right. >> they have this tax-advantaged situation given they're an irish company. it will be interesting to watch as they move on. >> they took the billion dollars to buy back stork. >> that's right. >> and people are seaing it they're doing it at a high valuation so you see e i lan shares and th earning ravance into the royalty stream and into the early pipeline drugs. >> i don't know. whoever comes up with these ideas, no one can really understand that them. >> that means i didn't do a good enough job of explaining it. >> i'm just saying, it is not complicated. we have no mergers, what do you want from me. the president and david cameron set to hold a news conference in an hour and a half. we'll bring you a live coverage from the rose garden. splitting the ceo roles and if that happens, will jamie dimon split from the company? the policy officer will tell us yet proxy advisory firm is calling for jpm to install an independent chairman. [ malenn ve seeincr edib thing otherworldlyhings. but ere are some things i'
trying to process requests from groups seeking tax exempt status. cnn's dan lothian has more. >> reporter: tea party and other conservative groups that rose to power early in the president's first term were unfairly targeted for special scrutiny by the irs. and some agency officials knew as early as june 2011, according to an irs audit that sources tell cnn is expected to be released this week. >> this is truly outrageous. and it contributes to the profound distrust that the american people have in government. go >> i don't care if you're a conference, a liberal, a democrat or a republican, this should send a chill up your spine. >> reporter: the audit will show irs agents singled out groups, some with tea party or patriot in their names, that had applied for tax exempt status. despite protests by these groups, the irs had previously denied any unfair targeting. there's absolutely no targeting. this is the kind of back and forth that happens when people apply. >> reporter: the irs now says its quote, senior leadership, was not aware of the special scrutiny at the time of that hearing. but
conservative groups in an election year for tax exempt status. >> you said it all. they targeted conservatives. for tax exempt status, but the bottom line is they used key words to go after conservatives. this is something you have to institute changes to make sure it doesn't happen again. there has to be accountability for the people who did it, and quite frankly, up until a few days ago, there's got to be accountability for people who were telling lies about it being done, and lastly, to be honest, one of the most offensive parts is, my committee and jim jordan and i instigated this investigation, got the ig to do the investigation before the ig's report comes to the public or to congress as required by law. it's leaked by the irs to try to spin the output. this mea culpa is not an honest one. the honest one is in fact, let's see the ig report. let's go through it. and then let's just like the ambassador said on the 29 changes, which we agree with, let's see what the ins stufted changes need to be to make this not happen again. >> chairman issa, ambassador pickering, thank very much. we're g
for sure it was after all april 15, tax day, implying maybe some of these people, the irs was investigating over the past few years were responsible. that inclination to blame anything other than the threat of international terrorism that should disturb us. if you cannot identify a threat to american security, you surely are not able to deal with it. >> lets take a look at one quote that was taken out by victoria newland at the state department who dealt with terrorism. this is this was taken out of the report. threat of extremist lightning to al qaeda in eastern libya, noted that since april there have been five other attacks by unidentified assailants including the june attack against the british ambassador's convoy. that reportedly is from the cia and that was expunged. what does that tell you? >> well, i think it shows that the intelligence community was well aware of what's going on and that the state department really with a more political motive in mind was trying to keep it out. we know from other e-mails that the department's senior leadership was involved in looking at these talki
. >> as for the tea party itself t meaning taxed enough already the members want those responsible to be fired. these people either need to be terminated or they need to resign. it's a clear abuse of power unelected public servants are supposed to serve our citizen ry. they were acting like rulers in charge of their little kingdom. this is not how america works. we don't have teams. >> white house secretary jay carney says quote if the inspector general finds there were any rules broken or conduct of government officials did not meet the standards required of them the president expects that swift and appropriate at the presents will be taken to address any misconduct. based on republican con can gres man darrel issa chairman of the house over site committee is promising to look further into this adding quote this is something you have to institute changes to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> absolutely. thank you, kelly. we are turning to our other developing story in dc. law americas continue to speak out about the deadly terror attack in ben gi. democrats and republicans going head to he
it comes to children. >> is there any drinking going on in this crowd? >> no. >> a tax funder psa to talk to their children as young as 9 years old about the dangers of drinking. the substance abuse mental health service administration says that's when kids start to think about drinking. many parents say that's the last thing on their mind. a georgia man says he found the top secret original recipe for coca-cola. now he wants to sell it on ebay for $50 million. he found it in an old box of papers he bought from the famous georgia kenna. the company said it might be close but it is not the real thing. get it, heather. >> maybe he will be calling in sick to work today. not sure. speaking of sick days they are meant to be used when you are ill. but some professions take more sick days than others it costs the u.s. economy millions -- billions of dollars. >> an estimated 84 billion a year is what workers taking sick days cost the economy. we will show you the workers who are sick the most. service workers these are police officers barbers and waiters. they miss almost one day every two months
and disqualified them from tax exempt status. jack lieu will hold those responsible for failures. the irs has apologized targeting groups such as the richmond tea party. >> i just don't believe anybody could go rouge in a cubicle in cincinnati and control targeting of so many different conservative groups all across the country to me in my mind it is obvious this was coordinatedd from somewhere else. >> law americas taking the scandal head on. the house weighs and means committee holding a hearing this friday. >> the irs is a powerful entity in our government and interfaces directly with the tax payer. there could be no tolerance for abuse. this is what we have seen. >> slated to testify are steve miller the acting irs commissioner and the treasury inspector general. heather patty ann we will be watching as the week continues. >> elizabeth pran n in washington, thank you. >> another scandal brewing in the white house. eric holder will be in the hot seat in just a few hours. he is testifying before congress and essure to face a lot of questions as the outrage grows over the justice department
. when brian williams is talking watergate, jon stewart stops covering for you and even tax cheat charlie rangel won't stick up for you, things are not looking good at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> the last time the government was found looking into the phone calls of reporters and using the irs for political purposes, it was the nixon era. >> mr. president, when did you find out about the irs targeting conservative groups? >> i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about this. i think it was on friday. >> no one at the office thought to run that up the flagpole. i wouldn't be surprised if president obama learned that osama bin laden was killed when he saw himself announcing it on television. >> i don't think that anyone believes the president has given a sufficient answer for america. i think this is just the beginning. >> you didn't just hallucinate. i promise that really happened. and you know what? i want to congratulate the media today and the comedians. finally, they are seeing what we have been saying for years, welcome to 2007. >> of cou
and this unit has not done enough to make sure that these groups deserve their tax exempt status. because here's what we don't know when they get tax exempt status, where the money is coming from and where the money is spent because they're a black hole in politics and that needs to be address as well. >> ruth marcus, alex burns, a lot going on today. thanks to both of you. >> about an hour from now the president could hold a grilling on benghazi and the irs. you can see the prime minister and the president. come here, boy. ♪ there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations, and treats hook-, round-, and whipworm infections. treatment with fewer than 3 monthly doses after exposure to mosquitoes may not provide complete heartworm prevention. the most common adverse reactions were vomiting, itching and lethargy. serious adverse reactions have been reported following concomitant extra-label
inappropriate criteria to select out people's applications for tax exemptions and didn't find anything that anybody had done wrong. the ig's report didn't say there was any partisanship or there was any legal wrongdoing or anything like that it simply was that the job the irs those do that is if somebody asks for a tax exemption, it's their job to decide whether or not they are entitled to it. >> what about the fact it got roughly 70,000 of these apparently to sift through? >> well, that's what well gummed up the works. ordinarily, they get a quarter of what they got this year, but after the citizens united lawsuit in 2010, a large number of corporation and groups came running in wanting a tax exemption so they could use their money to use it in the political process. and the irs said, whoa, wait a minute here. they were really overwhelmed and they made some bad choices. there's no question they made some bad choices. >> one of our producers who is keeping an eye on the hearing yesterday noted at one point, there was almost a ten-minute stretch where there was actually not a question a
was targeting conservative groups that were trying to get tax exempt status? who led the american public to believe something that turned out not to be true? and why did the department of justice secretly obtain associated press phone records. the white house director of communications joins us tonight. jennifer, thank you very much for taking the time. when you hear those sound bites, it does sound like a lot of blaming other people. >> you know, the president is the chief executive of the government. and understands that it doesn't matter how these problems arose, it's his problem -- it's his responsibility and problem to fix them. and in each of these -- in each of the controversies, if you will, that have arisen this week from the inspector general's report on the irs to the e-mails around benghazi and to the court case you mentioned involving the subpoena of ap, he's taken steps in each of these cases to deal with the actual underlying substantive problem there. perhaps much -- perhaps less focus on the politics. >> let me ask you though. it seems like when all this became public th
day long. we saw the guy forced out of the irs grilled about the tax agency using single key words to skrine out people for scrutiny. he did tell two higher-ups last june that he was going to be doing this investigation into how the conservative groups were treated. he told the deputy treasury secretary and the general counsel at treasury that he was starting this inquiry as to whether conservatives were being unfairly singled out. he told them he was starting this inquiry but obviously not what the inquiry had found since he hadn't found anything yet since he was just getting started. republicans have seized on this news because of the timing. saying it's important there were administration officials outside just the irs itself who knew before the election that there was at least a potential problem with the irs targeting conservative groups. shouldn't that have been disclosed publicly? could that have become a salient issue in the election had the administration disclosed that investigation was under way before everybody voted? is that's what happened today in today's hearing on
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